Drink Water

The Challenge

Everyday athletes think Gatorade isn’t for them - water is all they need. A historical focus on the greatest athletes of all time made Gatorade seem like a brand exclusively for the most serious athletes leaving everyday fitness exercisers more likely to settle for water.

The Shift

Connect Gatorade to a new audience by subverting the expected ambassador model. Break the mould for the type of stories Gatorade tells, and partners it works with, to create a meaningful connection with a different active audience and show them why they should choose Gatorade over water when working out.

The Result

Gatorade means ultimate hydration for all athletes. We showed a completely new side of the “serious sports performance brand” leading to Gatorade No Sugar’s sales increasing by 46% vs the same period in the previous year, beating out all competition - including (bottled) water.

gatorade drink water campaign
gatorade drink water campaign