A Decade of Global Partnerships

The Challenge

BtoB companies and their decision makers see global logistic companies and what they do as a bit dry, complicated and not very exciting, thus a commodity. They feel that logistic companies are similarly reliable, fast and global, only competing on basic brand awareness. As a result the category is seen as low in value and engagement, thus becoming highly driven by price of contract.

The Shift

Elevate DHL as a critical partner for the power of global trade. Shift the role of global cultural sponsorships from only building brand awareness into creating tangible partnerships, connecting fans with their passions. Bringing DHL and what they contribute out front from behind the scenes. Resolve to never be “just another sponsor”, but always be integral in delivering the experience to people.

The Result

DHL is seen and respected as a genuine value adding partner to global cultural experiences, from Formula 1, to music concerts (Coldplay, Brian Adams), as well as James Bond film productions. 32% increase in brand values since 2014. (source: Best Global Brands Study 2021)