Mtn Dew RAID

The Challenge

The majority of gamers have grave difficulties building up an audience. Despite hard work and dedication, only a tiny percentage of streamers ever get the big break that can catapult them to superstar status on Twitch. This means the majority of streamers stay small and never come close to reaching the front page.

The Shift

Help small streamers unlock bigger streaming audiences in real-time with the MTN DEW logo. Using custom AI, MTN DEW set out to give the spotlight to any streamer automatically by simply having MTN DEW products visible on camera.

The Result

MTN DEW gives smaller streamers, the chance to shine. Through the creation of a custom AI that skillfully recognizes MTN DEW branding by analyzing game screenshots, product visuals, and logo variations. 4,000 Twitch streams were scanned every day in real-time. Ulike traditional sponsorships that reward based on streaming figures, MTN DEW RAID rewarded small streamers for their brand loyalty by placing them on the coveted homepage of Twitch and the MTN DEW gaming channel.