Let Your Mind Run Free

The Challenge

Running is sweat culture. lululemon was loved as a yoga brand but needed to make a serious play into the running category.

The Shift

Flip the script on the physical benefits of running by focusing on the mental benefits. In a space plagued by “sweat” culture and personal bests, we found that runners saw running as a meditative experience. They are more motivated by the ‘runner’s high’ instead of peak performance.

The Results

Running is yoga. Instead of proving that lululemon could run, we proved that running is yoga. And who better to help you reach that ultimate flow state than the brand that lives and breathes yoga 24/7. As a result, search interest grew 450% and sales jump by 40%.

Far off person in what looks to be a desert with a sun flare in the back.
Lululemon 2
Lululemon 3