180 Global


Creating The World As It Could Be means attracting great talent. We’re fortunate that we’ve always had great people. We pride ourselves on being able to offer them many opportunities to grow and do things they never thought possible.

Our Training and Development platform and personal PREVIEW system means that we can chart progress for each member of our team and build bespoke plans for their growth.

We embrace and encourage diversity and difference. We know it makes better ideas and better people. Each of our major hubs has a DEI task force to help push that forward. We want people who want to offer their fresh perspective, want to collaborate in new exciting ways and want to produce work that has a positive impact on the world.


Sander Volten

180 Global CEO

Stephen Corlett

180 Amsterdam CEO

Agathe Guerrier

180 US CEO

JD Jurentkuff

180 US CCO

Kika Douglas

180 Amsterdam CCO

Juuso Myllyrinne

180 US Head of Performance

Devon Hay

180 US MD

Eva Rausch

180 Amsterdam MD

Elliott Bastien

180 US Head of Strategy

Oleta Hambleton

180 Brand Comms Director

Barbara Overlie

180 US CFO