Project Convey

The Challenge

Cox Communications was a company among many, that nobody cares about. Let’s admit it, people love to hate their telco provider. Even though they connect people to the ones they love and their passions, they are seen as money hungry corporations.

The Shift

Move beyond product messaging and prove Cox’s mission to “bringing people closer” through brand action and innovation. During the Covid pandemic, millions of people found themselves connecting through video chat. For people with Autism, this connection is impossible as many cannot read non-verbal cues such as facial expressions. In response, we invented a video chat prototype that brought those cues to life.

The Result

Cox Communications connects people to each other where it’s needed most. Using AI, the prototype analyzes three inputs: facial experiences, speech, and tone – and in real-time, translates the emotion into an emoji. This innovation resulted in not only the highest viewed campaign at launch for Cox but was also embraced by the Autism community, who felt the prototype presented a vision of inclusion for diverse abilities.