That’s L’Esprit Libre

The Challenge

Club Med is seen as outdated and irrelevant for new generations. Like much of the category, the brand plays to the usual tropes of amenities and sunshine, lacking clear distinctiveness across competitors.

The Shift

To become the provider of modern happiness over amenities overload, the focus shifted. We’re in the happiness industry, but ‘happiness’ is a pretty loaded term, so the emphasis was placed on the small moments of happiness experienced at a Club Med resort when the complexity and clutter of modern life were removed.

The Result

The most desirable premium holiday lifestyle brand, reaching nearly 2 billion Euros in business volume for the first time in its history. The brand stepped out of the category tropes to speak to the simple moments of happiness that Club Med unlocked.

“Club Med’s exceptional results are a testament to our market leadership in premium, all-inclusive holidays, especially in our Mountain Resorts. Embracing our refreshed brand identity and campaign, ‘That’s l’Esprit Libre’, we will continue to create experiences that allow our guests to disconnect from the worries and mental burden of everyday life to fully embrace the present.” – Rachael Harding, CEO of Club Med ESAP Markets.

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clubmed campaign 180