The Great Meme Takeover

The Challenge

Slim Jim is a meat snack that had lost its mojo and was forgotten by its core consumer. Once a brand known and beloved for its bombastic antics in the 1990s and early 2000s, Slim Jim became a boring meat snack with zero brand personality and zero paid media dollars.

The Shift

To turn Slim Jim into an irreverent boredom crusher for the chronically online. Taking an unexpected shift, we dove deep into the Gen Z audience and asked ourselves how the brand could become part of the cultural zeitgeist using organic social media. We went on a mission to radically embrace the audience mindset, utilizing meme culture on Slim Jim’s organic social channels.

The Result

Slim Jim catapulted into a lifestyle brand, becoming a cultural phenomenon with a passionate community. Slim Jim became the fastest growing account on Instagram, catapulting its followers from 10k to 1.2 million. They regained their position as the market share leader and they did this all with zero paid media dollars.

Slim Jim
Slim Jim